Dollar Store Franchise Opportunities

Getting Started and Making Money with Your New Dollar Store

Want to take advantage of an amazing career? Look to dollar store franchise opportunities today – and see what exciting possibilities await!

The dollar store industry has taken off and grown explosively over the past decade. More and more dollar stores are opening up all across the country, with plenty more on the way – and yet the potential is still enormous.


Consumers are always looking for the best deals for everyday merchandise and products that they want and need. Even when the economy is in good shape, the search for discounts and bargains is highly lucrative.

And when times are bad, the demand for affordable goods and products is even higher.

This is why you should strongly consider the franchise opportunities out there for dollar stores – and select Dollar Store Warehouse as your go-to dollar store merchandise supplier.

The Potential is Endless

Everyone wants a good deal, and everyone wants to save money – consumers and business owners alike.

That is why owning a dollar store franchise is the best of both worlds. With a dollar store, you:

  • Offer a valuable service to value-minded consumers who want to save money
  • Participate in a fast-growing, lucrative industry with little overhead
  • Everyone wins – especially if you go to a high-quality merchandise supplier for your goods.

Going Wholesale with the Pros

Part of owning a highly-successful and profitable dollar store or discount retail store is finding and buying the right merchandise. You need merchandise that is marketable and can sell – but you also need it to cost you as little as it costs your customers.

The best way to make the most of your dollar store franchise opportunities is to buy your merchandise wholesale.

When you buy wholesale, you purchase from wholesalers instead of going through middlemen who cut into your profits. You also obtain vital discounts on bulk orders that can add significantly to your profit margin.

Why Choose Us?

DSW is the premier distributor of wholesale merchandise for dollar stores in the country because we offer high quality, high value products at prices your business can easily afford.

We have a diverse selection of products that is perfect for any dollar store in the country – no matter where it may be. We also ensure that your products are shipped to you in a timely manner, so your shelves stay stocked with the hot, high-selling items your customers demand.

With us as your wholesale dollar store supplier, you have a trusted name that has been in the business for years as a go-to resource for top-quality discount merchandise.

Work with us and you will receive:

  • The best selection of products in all categories –from toys and houseware goods to tools and decorations
  • Timely reminders of when you should order seasonal and holiday-themed merchandise
  • Fast, friendly, and reliable customer service with your best interests in mind

Get Started with Your Franchise Today

There is no better time than the present to take advantage of the current market and jump into an exciting field full of possibility. Let us show you how you can take advantage of these phenomenal dollar store franchise opportunities today.

Call us toll free, at 1-888-827-4210 and let us show you how you can get into the business and thrive in a growing industry. With our company, success is only a phone call away.

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