Wholesale Phone Cards For Stores: Big Profits for Dollar Stores

There are a select few dollar store wholesalers who offer wholesale phone cards for stores. With these prepaid cards selling like hotcakes at stores around the country, they are one hot item that you cannot afford to leave off of your inventory list. When these cards first were introduced to the public years ago, they offered people with the ability to call friends and loved ones without worrying about cell phone minutes or racking up long distance costs. Today they are as popular to buy for personal use as they are to give as a gift to a friend or loved one.

wholesale phone cards for stores

There are a handful of phone card distributor companies you can contact to get pricing on these cards. You will find that when you buy them in bulk, you can turn a tremendous profit by offering these to your customers. Your customers can save money and keep in touch with their friends and loved ones, and you can turn even greater profits. There are several different brands available, and you can select to add these to your inventory list with just one brand or several. They look great when they are sitting next to your cash registers or on display shelves, and they will sell fast, too. Wholesale phone cards for stores can really be one of your hottest selling items.

Discount phone cards are also great because they are popular year-round. Many items like sunglasses, sunblock, holiday items, and so forth are seasonal, and they are great for boosting profits at select times of the year. However, you will need to stock your store shelves with items that sell great throughout the year as well if you want to enjoy some stability to your profits. The fact is that just about everyone has a need for wholesale phone cards because just about everyone uses the phone on a regular basis. Some people may buy them for themselves, and others may buy them for friends and family who are traveling or who live far away from them.

The first step to stocking your store shelves with this very lucrative inventory item is to find a great vendor. Different vendors of course will offer these to you at different prices, so it pays to shop around to get the best deal. You can start by contacting the current vendors that you work with to see what kind of deal they can offer you, but don’t avoid calling around to other wholesalers as well. You will surely be selling many of these cards, and you want to get the best deal to turn the most profits. Wholesale cards for stores like yours can really add to your bottom line in big ways.

Don’t miss out on increasing your profits, so take some time to shop around for the best deal on these cards today!

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