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Dollar Store Merchandise

Wholesale merchandise forms the backbone of a dollar store's retail business. Successful proprietors provide customers with a vast array of general retail items that provide economical solutions for everyday needs while offering the upside of a potentially high volume of impulse buys and unplanned purchases.

Several categories of wholesale merchandise are bread-and-butter items for owners of general discount stores. Stationery, party supplies, and giftware are top seasonal sellers. Cosmetics, baby products and toys also generate reliable, year-round revenues given their broad appeal and popularity.

Popular Wholesale-Merchandise Options

Consumables also form an essential part of a general discount store's business volume. These products retail for inexpensive prices and remain top-selling impulse-purchase items, particularly when placed near point-of-sale stations for customers to notice while standing in line. Most general stores also feature a dedicated consumables aisle, where boxed and jarred products, such as breakfast foods, condiments and miscellaneous household products, can be displayed.

However, the retail-merchandise possibilities are limited only by the proprietor's creativity and the needs of local customers. Licensed products, household and automotive supplies, linens, glassware, jewelry and gift bags are but a few of the possibilities. Discount wholesale suppliers make it easy and economical for storeowners to offer customers a wide range of products at highly favorable prices, earning repeat business and building customer loyalty.

Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading online supplier of a comprehensive selection of general products. Wholesale account holders and store proprietors are invited to contact a representative by calling toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or by sending an email request to

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