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The Products You Need, When You Need Them

Getting the best profit possible from your dollar or discount store means having a reliable and affordable housewares wholesale source. Now, that source is available to you through Dollar Store Warehouse – the products you need, when you need them.

Why You Should Stock Housewares Products

Simply put, housewares products sell.

Our products are everyday items for the house and always sell very well. Even in bad economic times, people still need to care for their homes, such as their kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

When you carry a strong line of housewares products, you can attract customers left and right. Plus, our products are cheaper than those you can find at Wal-Mart and other major chains, and still deliver the same performance.

In short, going to homeware wholesalers like DSW is an essential step to profit and success.

Our Services and Products

We offer a wide variety of durable, affordable, and effective products – everything you will need and more to stock the housewares section of your store.

We can deliver anything and everything, including:

  • Cooking equipment

  • Plastic storage equipment

  • Plastic utensils

  • Kitchen cleaning supplies, like scrub brushes and scouring pads

  • Trash bags and storage bags

  • Tumblers and cups

  • Stainless steel items

  • Tablecloths

  • Kitchen tools with hangers

  • Measuring tools

  • Microwave accessories

  • Condiment dispensers

  • Housewares displays

  • And more popular, high-selling items

All of our products are carefully selected for durability, usability, and – most importantly – profitability.

With these housewares wholesale products, you can generate a constant stream of income with minimal overhead and terrific demand – day in and day out.

How to Take Advantage of Great Profits

We believe in giving you the best opportunity possible to make a stellar profit off of essential household goods.

You can take advantage of great profits and reliable income by turning to household goods that are always in demand. Allow us to be the wholesaler for you – a company that believes in professional, efficient, and friendly service for all of our clients.

To get on the right path for profit, place your orders today and watch your business take off. You can contact us at your convenience by calling 1-877-549-5210.

Let today be the day you take advantage of the best supply for home, bathroom, and kitchen accessories products that your customers crave. Contact us today – the wholesale dollar store supplier with the products you need, when you need them.

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