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The Hot Items in Footwear Straight to Your Store

Footwear wholesale is one of the most lucrative categories of goods you can have in your dollar store inventory – and should be a staple of your store’s merchandise.

At Dollar Store Warehouse, we offer an incredible line of value discount footwear and footwear accessories for men, women, and children of all ages.

Footwear is a hot selling category for a dollar store and will always be. If you want your store to feature the best in value footwear, and want to have products that are always in demand on your shelves, turn to us for your wholesale footwear needs.

What We Offer

DSW is one of the premier dollar store wholesale distributors of discount wholesale footwear and other products and merchandise for dollar stores all over the country. We offer a variety of footwear in the following categories:

  • Boys’ footwear

  • Crocks

  • Footwear accessories

  • Girls’ footwear

  • Kids’ footwear

  • Ladies’ footwear

  • Men’s footwear

  • Toddlers footwear

Our goods come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles – offering you a stunning array of footwear for your customers. If there is something your customers want to buy, we have it – and you can have it on your shelves.

By working with us, you can sell these high-demand, high-value footwear wholesale products:

  • Popular Crocks

  • Flip-flops and sandals for girls and boys

  • Leather dress shoes for men and women

  • Comfortable and snug slippers for all

  • Stylish and colorful shoes for girls

  • Decorative flats and slippers for women

  • Rain gear

Assorted accessories, such as shoe laces, gel foot cushions, memory foam insoles, shoe polish, hanging racks, and storage containers

We understand the market and your target audience. We know what bargain-minded consumers out there want to buy – and therefore we stock our supplies only with the best, highest-value goods that last.

If you want wholesale dollar store products that represent the best value footwear on the market, we are the suppliers for you.

Contact Us Today

Footwear products bought at wholesale prices can be sold for great profit, sending a steady stream of income your way. To get your business established with optimal footwear products and selections, contact us today for your order.

Just call 1-877-549-5210. We will handle your needs and take care of your business with professionalism, friendliness, and care.

Call today. Receive the products you want, when you want them.

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